Welcome to the official website of the Nova Scotia African Heritage Month Information Network. This site features the latest information on African Heritage Month events, programs and activities as well as an interactive calendar of events. You can view events as well as submit events.


Sharing the History and Culture of African Nova Scotians

This year’s African Heritage Month provincial theme, Seas of struggle – African Peoples from Shore to Shore, recognizes the resiliency, strength, and determination of people of African descent from the shores of Africa to the shores of Nova Scotia — with the Atlantic Ocean being the everlasting connection. The theme highlights the role the sea has played in the long-standing history of people of African descent, and African Nova Scotians, specifically, in the development of Canada and Nova Scotia. This year’s theme aligns with the United Nations’ International Decade for People of African Descent (DPAD) 2015-2024. The goal is to strengthen global cooperation in support of people of African descent, increase awareness, and recognize their full and equal participation in society.

Nova Scotia has 52 historic African Nova Scotian communities with a long, deep and complex history dating back over 200 years. African Heritage Month provides us with another opportunity to celebrate our culture, legacy, achievements and contributions of our people – past and present.